Executive Profiles

Executive Management

PML Executive Management is comprised of distinguished members with outstanding capabilities.

Rosemary Mkandawire
Chief Executive Officer

Rosemary has 22 years of experience as an Institutional Development Practitioner and Financial Management Specialist

Samuel Madula
Director of Human Resource & Administration

Samuel Madula has 38 years of experience in human resource management, leadership skills, public service management and team-building skills.

Villant Jana
Director of Marketing & Corporate Services

Villant Jana, a seasoned communication, trade marketing and corporate services specialist with 18 years of experience.

Odala Matupa
Director of Technical Services

Odala Matupa is an Energy Expert with over 25 years of experience in energy sector planning and project development.

Eunice Mwale Banda
Director of Finance

Eunice Banda has 13 years of experience in public financial management.

Preston Matanda
Acting Director of Legal Services & Company Secretary

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