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General Questions :

Below are some of the general questions asked by the Investors.

One can enter the Malawi power sector as either solicited or unsolicited independent Power producer (IPP).

One can enter the Malawi power sector as solicited upon responding to the advert made available on all national media platforms. Unsolicited Independent power producers can enter the Malawi power sector by submitting a detailed Expression of Interest.

Power purchase agreement (PPA) can be concluded after successfully going through the procurement processes, that are provided for in the IPP Framework. Click here to download IPP framework.

Working Questions :

Below are questions related to how Power Market Limited operates.

PML offices are located within the compound of Mercantile Trust House along the Presidential Drive, in Area 13.

PML is a public company with Government being the main shareholder. It was incorporated in 2018 under Malawi Government's Public Companies Act.

PML went fully operational in 2020.

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