UIPP Applications

Independent Power Producer (IPP) Framework General Procurement Processes

Stages Parties Action Reference
Annual power Generation Single Buyer (SB) The SB develops and publishes the Power Generation Procurement Plan at the beginning of each annual cycle. Annual Generation Procurement Plan

IPP Framework Unsolicited Procurement Processes

Stages Parties Action Reference
Expression of Interest received from IPP IPP/SB The Single Buyer (SB) receives an EOI from an IPP
EOI reviewed SB SB reviews EOI and confirms UIPP is consistent with the current generation procurement plan and IRP
UIPP Prefeasibility IPP If UIPP prefeasibility not completed this is undertaken by the IPP
Environmental Project Brief (prep) IPP IPP undertakes and submits Environmental Project Brief Annexure F
Environmental Project Brief (submission) DEA Environmental Project Brief reviewed by Director of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and Technical Committee on the Environment Annexure F
UIPP Initial Assessment SB UIPP assessed by SB to determine where it will be directed
Eligible UIPP Processes SB SB initiates sole or multi-party UIPP evaluation processes for any eligible UIPP it selects. UIPPs without valid unique characteristic directed to a competitive solicited process.
Due Diligence and Evaluation SB Initial due diligence and evaluation carried out by SB on IPP Annexure C
Transmission Connection Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) Tx IPP applied for transmission connection and ESCOM transmission (Tx) evaluates the application and respond Annexure G
Full Feasibility Study IPP IPP performs full feasibility study, completing all tasks possible at this stage
Regulatory Assessment IPP/MERA SIPP submits licence application and applies for interim licence or notice of any shortcomings. MERA provides IPP with indicative requirements for a licence to be awarded. Annexure L
Due diligence updated and Full Valuation SB SB updates due diligence work and carries out full evaluation Annexure C
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) IPP/EAD IPP undertakes EIA Annexure F
EIA Reviewed DEA Review by Director of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and Technical Committee on the Environment Annexure F
Transmission Connection Agreed SB/ESCOM Tx The SB agrees to the terms of ESCOM Tx‟s transmission connection offer Annexure H
Negotiations on PPA IPP/SB The IPP and the SB negotiate the specific terms of the PPA Annexure I
Negotiations on IA IPP/MoF The IPP and the MoF negotiate the specific terms of the IA Annexure J
Land Lease contract IPP/MLHUD IPP requiring a land lease applies for and signs a land lease with the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD) Annexure K
Generation Licence IPP/MERA MERA provides IPP with a conditional generation licence which becomes effective upon satisfaction of conditions precedent Annexure L
Financial Close and Project Agreements Effective IPP IPP secures financing for project and Project Agreements become effective Figure 3 Summarised IPP Framework Solicitation

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